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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Taste Of Temptation: Nestle French Salted Caramel

Nestle French Salted Caramel x Rizza Salas

July it is. This may be a little weird for me to still publish a review featuring Nestle Temptations: Flavors of the World, which was launched this summer of 2013. Haha okay, HASHTAG LATE POST. Anyway, if you're really a sucker of Ice Cream, or anything cold, you wouldn't mind munching this despite of the weather, yes?

Nestle launched their newest Ice Cream flavors, ahhhh World Festival! Get ready
to be tempted by the flavors of the world!

Nestle French Salted Caramel x Rizza Salas

French Salted CaramelSavor the Parisian sensuality of French salted caramel ice cream with ribbons of caramel ripple.

And the other two flavors, Italian Coffee Affogato: Let your heart race with the rich and creamy swirls of espresso-flavored and vanilla-flavored ice cream blended with cashew nuts and chocolate chips. 

Belgian Chocolate Praline: Rich swirls of white chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream blended with Belgian chocolate chips and praline pieces made from chocolate-coated toffee bits.

Nestle French Salted Caramel x Rizza Salas

Nestle French Salted Caramel x Rizza Salas

Nestle French Salted Caramel x Rizza Salas

Verdict: It was surprisingly good! I'm not actually a "Nestle Ice Cream" fan, but it was delicious. Every bite of it is a temptation! Haha Price is 199 php / 800 ml.

Give in and say "YES"!

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