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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

IV Therapy Nurse

          ANSAP believes that the certification of Registered Nurses for IV Therapy should be continuous for several reasons, paramount which is safe nursing practice. Registered nurses who have successfully complied with the requirements of the IV Therapy Program are Certified IV Therapy Practitioners.
     (c) Nursing Standards on Intravenous Practice - 9th Edition

IVT Training (IV Therapy card) (c) Rizza Salas

Now, what are the steps or requirements to become an IV Therapy Nurse?
First and foremost, you must be a Registered Nurse with a current PRC license (or Certification of Rating).
Then the succeeding steps are the completion of requirements: Attendance in a three (3) day Basic IV Therapy Program approved by ANSAP and a Completion of 3+3+1 requirements.

I just recently finished my IVT Training at Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos, Inc.. Like what I said, it is a three (3) day training which consists of two (2) day Didactic Phase and one (1) day Practicum Phase or the so called RetDem / Return Demonstration.

The Didactic Phase was of course about lectures and few demonstration by the preceptors of the said hospital. It covers a Pre-test on the first day, which you need to pass, or otherwise you'll take another set of exams or the "removals" and then the succeeding hour / day will tackle twelve (12) topics.

And lastly, the third day - the Practicum Phase, wherein you'll start the day with a Post test (What about?) Everything you've learned from the two (2) day lecture, then followed by the RetDem of five (5) different procedures.

Procedure 1:
  • 1A Setting up an IV infusion
  • 1B Inserting IV Cannula Utilizing Dummy IV arm
  • 1C Changing an IV infusion
  • 1D Discontinuing an IV infusion
Procedure 2:
  • Blood Transfusion (Preparation, Changing and Discontinuing)
Procedure 3:
  • 3A IV Medication Incorporation of drug into the IVF
  • 3B IV Push through the IV Port
  • 3C Incorporation of drug into the Volumetric Chamber
  • 3D IV Push through the heparin lock device
Procedure 4:
  • 4A & 4B Administering Parenteral Nutrition (Utilizing the Peripheral Access / Central Vascular Access)
  • 4C Discontinuing Parenteral Solution Infusion
And lastly, Procedure 5: One-on-one IV Insertion

Before the third day started, and before we took the Post test, our preceptor posted our names, together with the procedures that we have to do first. I was really nervous upon seeing my name of the list of first ten (10) who will perform the procedures. Yes! If my memory serves me right, my numbers are 5, 5, 8, 9, 1. Honestly, I wasn't able to study the procedures, that's why my first retdem was a bit of disaster. I was really stuttering and shaking (but not in an obvious way). And as I continue with all the procedures, I learned to calm myself and finish everything. The first time are always the hardest. So I did! I finished everything before lunch except the Procedure 5 which scares me to death! Hahaha No kidding! I remembered my retdem on Injection (ID, IM, SQ), since I don't really trust my partner Adrian (sorry bff HAHAHA), I ditched him on the day of the demonstration...to save my self from him! And the next day, I went to class, I did the procedure on him, and saving my self or my skin on any kind of injection. Haha but THIS is different, no one likes a G20, not even big boys, or any tough person. And so...that leaves me with no choice. My partner and I did the procedure, I let her go first. I am hella scared, scared of being hurt. Haha and of the bruise that might result (which it did, tho it's not her fault my skin is somewhat delicate / sensitive). I was looking at the needle, while she's inserting it. Wow! Now I know the feeling, super sakit talaga. But I am happy that she did it well (one shot only). Now it's my turn, and I did the exact same thing. Good Lord, I prayed for that. Best feeling ever (PROUD SELF hahaha)!!! Win-Win, I get to overcome my fear and I am half done with my IVT Training! Half done? Because after the three (3) day didactic and practicum. We still have to do the completion, on a Hospital "3+3+1".
  • Three (3) successful peripheral IV cannulation to patients
  • Three (3) administrations of IV medication to patients
  • And one (1) administration of blood or blood components to patients
And that's everything! The IV Therapy card certify that I am now an IV Therapy Nurse and together with these certification:

 IVT Training (IV Therapy certificate) (c) Rizza Salas IVT Training (IV Therapy certificate) (c) Rizza Salas

Thank you to everyone who helped us. To our preceptors, and of course to Sir Jason and Sir Mark and Paula, my partner. :)

To everyone who's asking about the IVT Training schedules, please visit ANSAP WEBSITE.

You may also ask me anything,

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