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Thursday, April 25, 2013

UNICOLEBAGS. Girl's bestfriend.

Bags are a girl's best friend. No matter how huge or tiny my stuff is, I always end up bringing one.

Bags certainly add style to our look. But they doesn't have to be really expensive just to look nice, yea? Signature or not, big or small, what's important is how you carry it.

Classy / majestic, posh, really gorgeous bags, with reasonable price are all available at UNICOLEBAGS. You may FOLLOW her on Instagram, HERE.

These bags are all from the gorgeous Ms. Dianne Nicole Galleguez owner of @unicolebags. Thank you once again! x


This vintage bag is a two-way carry bag, pretty right? Once you get tired of handheld bag, then switch with its sling, use it as a shoulder/sling bag. Btw, I'm lovin' this vintage bag (my favorite), simply because it's vintage, its color plus I know can put anything without worrying of its quality (my SLR and iPad can actually fit in).


I remember my duty days wherein I used to carry bags like this. Those good exhausting nursing days. Haha


Another two-way bag (but a small one), this Basket Bag is available with eight lovely different colors then again check @unicolebags for more bags for precise info ;) 

These are just few of her lovely bags, there are a lot of  voguish bag waiting to be purchased on her Instagram. Hurry now! :) Other than instagram I ain't sure if she has facebook, twitter, or other website. I'll ask her and update this post if she has one. :)

Once again, FOLLOW Ms. Dianne Nicole Galleguez @unicolebags ENJOY!

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