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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bloggers United 5

Here are few photos (photos together with my favorite bloggers) during the Fifth Installment of Bloggers United:

We all know who David is, right? He's indeed very friendly, and super stylish. Whatever he's wearing, you will see him carry it with so much grace. (Click Read More)

The ever fitspiration, Lissa Kahayon. She's really pretty! I hope she'll end up with David though. Hihi

Also one of my favorite, Sarah Tirona of The Fashion Eggplant.
Super nice! And I love love love her shoes (sadly you can't see it in the photo)!

Seph Cham, Daniel Matsunaga's kalokalike / twin! Haha

Hezron Peralta, the guy who always carry a smile. :)

Owner of the YOU-NIQUE blog. Jaws, and Shane.
YOU-NIQUE is a Filipino Street Fashion  Forward. From Manila and Beyond. We feature different people on their daily style. Promotes fashion in the eyes of random people- wherever, whenever. (c) younique

Follow / like YOU-NIQUE on Facebook Page. TwitterBlogspot. And don't forget to join their giveaway (til June 30), HERE! :)

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