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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jomalig Island: One More Day In Paradise

Rizza Salas travel 2016 Jomalig Island

          Why you should visit Jomalig Island? 
Jomalig Island is the smallest and farthest island in Quezon, its name came from the word "Humalik" meaning kisses, and later became Jomalig.

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island, Salibungot, Quezon

Not only its famed creamy golden sand is a target to all tourists and travelers, but also its pristine natural beauty that features agoho pine trees, clear turquoise colored water and lovely locals, the "Jomaligins". (SEE MORE)

Do it your own Jomalig Island trip is something you should consider doing. Despite the rain in the Metro, and the accuweather updates of the said island, my friends and I quickly packed our bags, and go "backpacking".

Unahin ko na ito... Things to bring:
- GARBAGE / TRASH BAG - Please. Do not throw anything anywhere. Ang ganda sobra sa Jomalig, but it saddens me seeing candy trash along the shore and near the pine trees. And then what? We'll all get mad, cause the island that was once "pristine" became a polluted one. Let's all be mindful traveler.
- Extra clothes, swimwear, toiletries, sun screen - 2D1N? Trust me, you will be screaming, "BITIN". No pun intended on that.
- Tent and own food - if you're on tight budget :)
- Solar lamp, lights, extra batteries, powerbank - electricity only runs from 6PM to 1AM
- Extra cash - rent island necessities, or have your food cooked by the locals, also payment for environmental fee, island hopping fee
- Snack and/or school stuff for the kids - please make smile a hobby every time you'll go places, or at least a little "hi". You'll never know forever mo na pala mammeet mo. Haha Kidding aside, they were surprised we talked and photos with them, the previous visitors / tourists were masungit daw kasi. :(

Day 1: Okay, so here's how to commute from Manila to Jomalig Island. From Raymond Bus Terminal, Legarda, you can either ride a van or bus (air conditioned or ordinary), it's a three to four (3-4) hours ride from Legarda to Ungos Port.

Hello, Ungos Port! Look at that pink and blue sky! (15 seconds exposure. Night lapse)

Boat schedule: 6am until 12nn only. You may buy food and other necessities nearby.

Five to six hours (5-6) boat ride? Trust me, everything is worth it!
*Coming from someone who has no experience traveling on the water, and is no swimmer. Hehe 

Stunner from afar


After five (5) hours... Hi, Salibungot! While they unload the cargo, I befriended these Jomaligin kids, they're from Sitio Moros.

Don't forget to ask the boatmen if they can drop you off your preferred place. Boat can drop you off the place depending on the tidal range.

En route to Banana's Resort, which is 10 minutes boat ride from Salibungot. 

You can pitch your tent anywhere you like for free. Banana's Resort opened it doors last month (May). I heard Biyahe ni Drew will feature the said resort. :)

Photo op after tent pitching and before we stroll the long stretch of shoreline.

Sunbathing the rad way lol

Below are long exposure photos:

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

 Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

Day 2: How to spend (two) 2 days in Jomalig Island
- Island Hop via Habal-Habal
- Blending in with the locals
- Interesting facts of Jomalig
- Back to Manila

Sneak peek of our Island hopping: click link HERE

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

Batanes / Leyte? For a legit humaling feels, I highly recommend Island Hopping via Habal-Habal.

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

Just look at our feet! This remote island "Alog" has whiter sand, mala-Boracay. Hopefully it won't get too crowded or full of commercialized establishment. *smiles*

Rock climbing at Manlanat / Pulong Malaki

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island DIY

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island DIY

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island Sandbar

Rizza Salas x Jomalig Island

Kalanggaman! JK. Hooray! Low tide! I love this sandbar near Banana's Resort :)

Salinbungot :)

List of Jomalig fiesta:
Brgy. Apad - April 28 to 29
Brgy. Gango - May 1 to 2
Brgy. Bukal - May 14 to 15
Brgy. Talisoy - May 17 to 18
Brgy. Casuguran - June 11 to 12

Actual Itinerary: our 2D1N (two days and one night) stay
Day 1:
12:15 - Depart from Raymond Bus Terminal, Legarda, Manila (air conditioned bus or van *Infanta/Real bound*)
02:30 - 02:50 Stop over
04:30 - Arrival at Ungos Port
04:35 - 04:40 Ride tricycle going to port en route to Jomalig, or you may walk by foot
04:40 - Load bags / buy stuff / last minute errand

10:00 - Our actual time of departure from Ungos Port en route to Jomalig
           Boats bound to Jomalig departs as early as 06:00 am, and last trip at 13:00. 
           Remember, it is a 5 to 6 hours boat ride, fisherman's meal (lunch) will be served
15:00 - Our actual time of arrival at Salibungot

From Salibungot drop off, the boatman will ask you where you will be camping. You may ask if they can drop you off your designated camp site, or you may walk, or ride habal-habal. Boat can drop you off the place depending on the tidal range.

16:00 - Arrival at Banana's Resort
Set camp / cottage / or negotiate with habal-habal drivers or boatman for tomorrow's Island Hop. For hassle free dinner, you may ask them your food of choice, they can buy ingredients and cook it for you. Or you may cook your own.

Photo op / swimming / enjoy the beautiful place of the Island.
*Banana's Resort is just 5 minutes away from Salibungot drop off / 'I love Jomalig' via habal-habal*
19:00 onwards - Dinner. Socials. Enjoy the milky way. Rest after a long day.

Day 1 FEES:
- Php 198 Bus fare from Legarda to Ungos Port
- Php 10 Tricycle from bus drop off to Ungos Port going to Jomalig
- Php 350 Boat ride, inclusive of fisherman's lunch
- Php 10 Use of balsa

Other fees 'paluto':- Php 490 (total for 3 pax) Pork Sinigang, Fish, Rice
Day 2:
05:00 - Breakfast. Prepare for Island Hop via habal-habal, or rent a boat.
06:00 - 14:20 Island hop, swim, snorkel, rock climbing, bird watching, blend in with the locals (time depends on you or the group you'll be joining)
14:30 - We're back to Banana's Resort. Went to see the sand bar located at the area. Shower. Prepare for departure.

Day 2 FEES:
- Php 500 per head, Island hopping via Habal Habal or your group may rent
                             Php 2500 Island hopping via boat; max of 10 pax in a boat, inclusive of free lunch
- Php 50 per head, Boat ride from Kanaway Island to its Caves / Islets (Malaki and Maliit)
- Php 30 per head, Environmental fee - Kanaway Island
- Php 170 per head (to be collected by Brgy. officials, receipt will be provided, keep it)
- Php 150 per head Banana's Resort Entrance fee inclusive of use of bathroom, cookware, water
Other fees 'paluto':- Breakfast Php 187 (total for 3 pax) Hotdog, Egg, Rice, Coffee
18:00 On board, another 5-6 hours of boat ride from Jomalig to Ungos Port. We were supposed to leave the Island at 10 in the evening, unfortunately, the boat we're expecting couldn't pick us up. My friend talked to the Kapitan if they can arrange or find us a boat that will leave the island within the day. Note that that was 5:30 pm when we were informed. After couple of minutes, they called back and said that there's a cargo boat in Salibungot. They asked us if it's okay for us to hop the said boat, since there's no assurance that the boat we had an arrangement with can pick us, we immediately gathered all our stuff, and left Banana's Resort. We rode habal-habal from our camp site to Salibungot where the boat was. I asked Kuya Arnel (habal driver) how much is the ride, he told me it's Php 40, yet I paid him Php 50, and thanked him. He's one of the nephew of the owner of Banana's Resort.

A little kwento...

Turbulent. A reason why the available boat cannot extend their time, or leave Salibungot 8pm onwards is due to bad weather. It was announced that there's a storm that will hit Quezon, and traveling may be challenging. 

So there, we left the beautiful island on a sunset. It was beautiful, I rested near the edge of the boat so I can get a full view of the sea. I was texting, when my friends behind me shouted "MAY PATING!", in my surprise, I didn't move even though "creepy sea movie setting" flashes in my mind. Then the creature moved, those weren't sharks, those were three (3) cute dolphins. Haha 

As darkness covered everything, it started to sink in to me that we we're in the middle of the sea, in a not so huge boat. The waves were huge and rough and it started to scare us. We went up the boat, and stayed there. We ate dinner, played cards to kill time, waves felt bigger and stronger, crashing us, in that moment, I know I am scared. When our boat shuts down at 11pm. I went to the other side of the boat to get a view of the thunder, and took long exposure photos. Pero fail, cause the waves kept our boat unsteady lol

Of course, silent prayer helps a lot. :)

Day 3:
01:00 - Arrival at Ungos Port, and a quick breakfast at a store nearby
01:30 - Departure of van
05:00 - Home (Manila)

If you can stay for 3 days, you may also visit mangroves in Sitio Landing, picnic and fishing.

Day 3 FEES:
- Php 350 Boat ride per head
- Php 10 Use of Balsa per head
- Php 220 per head Van from port to Manila. Ask the driver where he can drop you off.
Other fees: Php 55 per head Breakfast near Ungos Port
Best month to visit Jomalig Island?
Expect rough waves and currents during:
BER months - Salibungot area
Summer - Kanaway, and vice versa.

How to commute to Jomalig Island from Manila?
- From Legarda, Manila - look for Raymond Bus Terminal
- Ride a bus bound to Real / Infanta, you may also ride a van which is also located within the vicinity of Raymond Bus Terminal (Travel time 4 to 5 hours)
- Arrival at Real / Infanta. 
- Look and ride a tricycle going to Ungos Port (boats bound to Jomalig Island), you may also walk by foot since it's a 10-minute or less walk
- Ride a boat bound to Jomalig Island (boat leave as early as 6AM and 1PM as last trip)
- Enjoy the 5-6 hours boat ride!
- Arrival at Salibungot, Jomalig

Budget tips:
- Bring and pitch your own tent along the "I <3 JOMALIG" area, no entrance and tent pitching shall be collected.
- Since there's no available comfort room / toilet in the area near the huge sign, pitch near a local's home. I'm not sure though how much they're collecting for the use of their bathroom. If they said it's free, be generous naman. Hehe 
- Bring your own food as well, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks para mas tipid.
- Better if you're in a large group (best if group of 10 pax) para tipid sa Island Hopping via boat. Php 1,600 inclusive of lunch meal.

Sample computation (ALL IN fees considering you brought along your tent and food)
Php 700 RT Boat ride
Php 400 RT Bus/Van transfer
Php 170 Jomalig Fee (environmental and registration fee - collected by Jomalig officials)
Php 500 Island Hopping via Habal-Habal or
            Php 250 Island Hopping via Boat (Php 2,500 / 10 = Php 250 group of 10)
Php 30 Environmental fee - Kanaway Island
Php 50 Boat ride to Kanaway Island's nearby caves / islets, the Pulo and Manlanat Islets (accessible by foot during low tide or rent or swim on high tide) *habal-habal island hoppers*
Also, be careful, there are snakes in those caves hehe

Jomalig contacts:
Habal-habal rides:
Kuya Jeff Soriano - 09092845540
Kuya Jerome - 09102717495
Kuya Wilner Malabunga - 09198103585
Kuya Arnel Roldan - 09499301122

For other queries, visit Jomalig Island's facebook page, 
or contact Quezon Provincial Tourism office Ms. Kelly Bautista - 09229491145

"Kill nothing but time.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.
Keep nothing but memories."

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Feel free to use, but please give credit. Thank you.

More photos on my facebook: Rizza Salas

Jomalig Island
May 2016


  1. Hi. We are set to go to Jomalig tomorrow. We planned to go to Kanaway by boat, but since you highly recommend to go there by habal-habal, could you give me the number of the driver? :) Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi. Thank you for reading my post 😊 Replied you thru facebook. Enjoy your Jomalig trip! 😊

    2. One more thing. What's the name of the boat you took from Ungos Port to Jomalig? MB Nicole & Mark or MB Yana? Thanks again! :)

  2. Nice, nakakamiss ang Jomalig island after reading this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nice, nakakamiss ang Jomalig island after reading this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Balik na po doon. 👍🏻
    You are welcome. Thank you for reading too. 😊😊

  5. Replies
    1. You should 😊😊 Jomalig is really beautiful ❤️

  6. Hi:)

    Share ko lang.. We went to jomalig last week... The island is indeed beautiful!! However, bawal na po magtent sa salibungot:(... We stayed at apple beach resort.. Tita Ningning-the owner is really mabait and maasikaso..:)

    Btw.. Yung island hopping po via habal-habal is now 600php per head and yung boat going to jomalig is 404php.

    Happy travel!;)

    1. hi! aside from salibungot beach, wala na area for tent pitching?
      anyway, thanks for sharing this. A big help since we're planning to visit Jomalig Island :)

    2. Hello. May I have the contact for Banana Resort? Thank you.

    3. Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for the heads up 😊

  7. Hi, we are planning to go to Jomalig on March 3-5, we'll be using tent para makatipid. Pero based sa nabasa ko dito, bawal na magtent? If ganon po, magkano po mga accomodation dun? thanks!

  8. Hello. May I have the contact for Banana Resort? Thank you.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi! I've read that you left Jomalig at around 6pm, right? Can I please have the number for the contact person.TIA

  11. Banana resort entrance na 150pesos per head....khit 3nights po sa tent pitching?

  12. Kuya Dang is good man kaya masaya sa Banana beach. Ok din po ung pwesto nyo sa boat gand ang mga shots :-)

    Open po ba kayo sa link exchange?



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