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Friday, June 10, 2016

Two-day Jomalig Island Trip

Jomalig Island, Quezon, Philippines x Rizza Salas 2016

There is more than meets the eye. Jomalig island is not just about its prominent creamy golden sand, or pink sunsets.

Touring Jomalig for 2 days and 1 night may be quick, and truly "bitin", but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy our short stay. It is always up to us how we spend our time, yes?

Here's a video of our trip:

How to make the most of your two day stay in Jomalig?

On our first day, we only stayed near our camp site, Banana's Resort. The resort only opened last month, we paid entrance fee of Php 150.00 which includes unlimited use of their toilet area / wash area, "poso", and electricity. Tent pitching is free, bring your own para mas tipid although they also offer tents for rent, or a (kubo) cottage.

Jomalig Island

2016 May

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