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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars

Our Day (2) Two at Hong Kong was a bit exhausting. From a half day City tour which consists of the Avenue of Stars, Jewellery City Co., Ltd., Hong Kong delicacies factory (?), Mid-level Victoria Peak, and Aberdeen Floating/Fishing Village. And of course, spent the remaining day til midnight for shopping. But before everything else, let's talk about the Avenue of Stars, shall we?

The Avenue of Stars honors the celebrities of Hong Kong film industry, yes just like that of Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It is located along the northern side of Victoria Harbour, in front of the New World Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui. 

One of the popular spois the statue of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Along are the plaques that features the hand-prints of Hong Kong's Hollywood movie stars.

Avenue of Stars website, here.

BTW, during the night at around 8:00pm / 2000, the Avenue of Stars provides an excellent viewing point for the nightly light and dancing spectacular sound which features 45 prominent buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour called "A Symphony of Light".

And of course, I think everyone knows the famous "plate". Haha Anyway, if the photographer asked you and your fam for photo op, make sure you tell them that you wanted your fam picture on the plate, not just your solo picture (just in case you wanted to just get the fam photo, or whatever). One plate costs around 800 php (yes, I already converted it! Haha 1 HKD = 5.15 PHP). Or, around 200 HKD.

Unfortunately, he didn't include our fam photo on a plate. *sob But this one's free tho (well, it has to be! Haha).

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