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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Pilgrim, Maginhawa

          Maginhawa is no doubt one of the favorite to-go-places to dine and satisfy food craving. The numerous great restaurants, its wide variety of cuisine, unique context, and the 'instagram worthy' food certainly draws attention to the gastronomic world.

Dine, Travel and Explore. The Pilgrim, a newly opened restaurant is just located at 189 Maginhawa street corner Makadios street Brgy Sikatuna Village, Quezon City (just behind Via Antonella and Crossfit Gym) - you will not get lost anyway, their bright huge signboard can be easily spotted. 

Alright, let's get to it, shall we? Above is Chef Dennis Tan with his welcoming words. He also mentioned that one of the The Pilgrim's mission is to make their food healthy without sacrificing its real flavor and quality.

Chicken Fingers Php 180.00
covered with Rice Krispies

Aussie Rib Eye Steak Php 320.00
Personally, I liked mine 'medium-rare' with the bloody red juice coming out of the meat. Nevertheless, despite that it was well-done, the taste and its tenderness is just right. I'd still double tap it (if you know what I mean). ;)

Oven Brick Hot Chicken Wings Php 190.00
Now this made me remembered my adventure on finding the best Buffalo Wings, if you haven't read my post yet, READ IT HEREHonestly, I didn't quite enjoy their wings, perhaps I was hoping it be more spicy (really really spicy) and somehow greasy, but don't get me wrong, their's is not a failure.

"Pilgrim goes Southeast Asia" Baked Packet St. Peter's Fish Php 220.00
Their 'special of the month' with Bechamel Sauce and Coconut Rice - yum!

Waywurd House Salad Php 160.00
with Grilled Chicken and Basil Tarragon dressing

Bacon wrapped Prawns Php 320.00
For a five piece prawns, for me it's a bit expensive, it is mouth-watering - yes, but who should I blame if this will keep me crave for more (I cannot afford it especially if everyday, right? Haha)?

Khmer Green Curry Php 195.00
goes with Chicken or Fish, and steamed rice
Coming from me - 'not-a-curry-fan', this one's actually not bad. 

Healthy Shakes - only for Php 80.00
I loved their Sublime - watermelon, cucumber and lime. Drinking this actually had me thinking about summer. Yes, I know. Exciting and refreshing!

Baby Back Ribs by Mr. T Php 380.00
with one siding - choose from Parsley Rice, Roasted Potatoes, Stir Fried Veggies, French Fries, Grilled Corn. Another favorite, and I believe this is what everyone has been raving about. I love how juicy and tender the meat was, plus their homemade sauce... wow! Indeed a champion!

Omelette Php 190.00
They have this Omelette Station, and here are the steps:
Step One: Choose your egg. Either you want a regular egg or just the egg white alone.
Step Two: Pick (two) filings from Bacon, Farmer’s Ham, Pastrami, Mortadella, Spinach, Onion, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Red Chillies or Basil
Step Three: Choose your Cheese: Cheddar, American, Cream Cheese or Mozzarella
Step Four: Your Bread? White, Wheat, or Baguette Bread
Step Five: Actually there isn't. However, I like to add 'Enjoy your egg". Being one breakfast food lover, I go crazy over eggs (no pun intended), especially if  it's really cheesy and smooth. I actually find their egg really delicious. Imagine munching it and with every bite it's oozing with cream cheese.

And let's not forget the ambiance. Truth be told, a lot of restaurants has really great context. Some has, but their food is not worth a visit, and some has both which is a win-win. Just like what I've said on my previous paragraph, The Pilgrim has a small narrow space but on the bright side, they are still making renovations to accommodate more. However small or narrow The Pilgrim has, their cozy and calm environment is still a winner (who doesn't admire hanging lights and 50s street lights?).

With Chef Dennis Tan

Ambiance 3.5/5
Price 4/5 
Service 4/5
Taste 4/5
Verdict: The staff were all kind. The place maybe small, but hey they are still making improvement and renovations. The Pilgrim is best when shared with your family, considering its price, it's worthy. And another thing, since they're open until 2 in the morning, bringing your friends over a drink (and please, go for their Baby Back Ribs haha) is always a good idea. 

Thank you, Aldous for hosting the event. :)

Visit The Pilgrim's facebook page or contact them at 0927 277 1588
or Instagram @thepilgrimmaginhawa

January 26, 2014
189 Maginhawa street corner Makadios street
Brgy Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines

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