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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pinto Art Museum: Collection of Souls

Pinto Art Museum | Rizza Salas

          Not only music does make us feel something. I too have always believed that an art is a collection of soul.

Pinto Art Museum is a 1.3 hectare property composed of six buildings, showcasing beautiful art of individuals from all walks of life.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 0900 to 1800.
Pinto Art Museum #photoblog

Inspired by Game of Thrones - Hall of Faces (GoT logo not mine) | Rizza Salas

Rizza Salas x Pinto Art Museum

(c) Rizza Salas

(c) Rizza Salas

(c) Lavern Vega

Rizza Salas | (c) Juan Carlos Omana

Rizza Salas | (c) Juan Carlos Omana

Rizza Salas | (c) Lavern Vega

(c) Rizza Salas

KALADS 2016 Pinto Art Museum | Rizza Salas

Pinto Art Museum entrance ticket:
Regular - Php 200.00
Senior and PWD (with ID) - Php 150.00
Student (with ID) - Php 100.00

If you're planning to commute, you can ride a FX from Shaw Blvd. going to Antipolo Church, from there, look for a tricycle heading to Pinto Art Museum - I have searched that tricycle fee is around Php 50.00 - 60.00.

Visit the museum as early as you can, and/or on a weekday.
Bring umbrella (just in case it's raining)
Food and drinks are not allowed inside the property. A cafe can be found inside anyway :)
Changing of clothing are also not allowed inside.

Recommended side trip after museum visit? Wait for sunset at Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal. Unluckily, the weather didn't permit us, we went to Cafe Piansa to chill instead. Cafe Piansa is a 40 minute drive from the Musuem since traffic was bad.

Always keep in mind wherever you'll go - leave no trace. And HAVE FUN! :)

Pinto Art Museum
Antipolo, Philippines
August 20, 2016

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