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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mcdo's Pancakes with Blueberry and Chocolate Syrup

HOORAY FOR TODAY!!! So my sister, and I tried Mcdonald's limited edition Pancake syrup. Mcdo introduced their newest flavor (last August 14, 2013) that you'll certainly love to add on your breakfast list. Breakfast person, or not, I believe a lot of Filipinos love pancakes!

Sorry about the photo quality. It was raining really hard that morning, when my sister saw the ad on Mcdo's Facebook page. And without any delay, we went to grab Pancakes. We wanted something dainty, of course. *wink*

Loved each sachets of syrup! The generous amount (per sachet) is quite enough for three (3) pancakes! Haha My sister ordered the one with the hash-brown. And I had the pancakes alone, plus of course hot chocolate, and ordered both chocolate and blueberry syrup. I personally love the blueberry, I just wished that they paired it with cream cheese instead of butter! Hahaha They tastes really sweet, esp the chocolate one. Nevertheless, they're delish! 

Three (3) pancakes, plus your choice of chocolate or coffee and a sachet of their limited edition syrup (choice of chocolate or blueberry) = 75php ONLY! Yesss! Or if you also want to try both scrumptious flavors, just add 15php for another sachet. :)

You may also buy Mcdo's McSaver (50php) 2 Pancakes with your choice of chocolate of coffee, plus Butter and Maple syrup, then just add 15php if you want their limited edition syrup. Your choice of Chocolate or Blueberry. Hooray for today! Be safe, everyone! God Bless. :)

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  1. wow! that's my fave! :)




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