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Friday, March 28, 2014

Close To Perfection - Cafe Shibuya

          DESSERT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. Cafe Shibuya is known for their Savory and Buttered Toasts and Ghirardelli Chocolate Drinks. Their bread-based dessert is synonymous to heaven. 

Have I mentioned that UP Town is by far one of the best places to dine with family and friends? I never thought I would love to visit this place almost every month and somehow I wouldn't mind how much it will rub out my pocket. Once in a while we have to coddle ourselves, yea?

Shibuya Benedict Php 255
          Their take on the revered brunch fare lavished with farmer's ham, deep-fried poached ege,shiitake mushrooms, and their homemade Japanese mayo cream sauce.I love their pouched egg, and their buttered toast...really tasty! Anyway, I wish they would replaced their ham into bacons - the thought of egg and bacon, right? ;)

Truffle Cream with Prosciutto Php 265
          Rich truffle cream accented by shiitake mushrooms and premium quality prosciutto.Too oily! Nevertheless, I love and enjoyed it. Plus points for prosciutto! :)

Salt & Pepper Spareribs Php 295
Delightfully tender and tasty spareribs with a hint of lemon.
Genius twist for a spareribs! It was also delicious, and so is their rice! Gah, I love eating! Hahaha
Not fan of corn anyway. :p

Ghirardelli Below Zero Chocolate Frappe Php 155
Too heavy for me, it's a so-so.

Amaretto Macchiato Php 145


Original Shibuya Honey Toast Php 145
Their signature toast served with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream.          Never judge a book by its cover. Forgive me, but I thought I wouldn't like it. For me it looked a bit blunt. BUT...the toast. THE TOAST alone is damn perfect! I didn't actually mind the ice cream, they're just accessory but I swear, I can eat this - as a meal! And it's up to you if you want it real sweet, or whatever is fine for your taste.
BTW, they also have a huge version for Php 175.

Not just that, don't you just love how perky this place is? Everything is so lovely!

Cafe Shibuya is located at the G/F of UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila.


March 21, 2015 Cafe Shibuya, Trinoma is now open!

Other branches are:
Glorietta 2
SM North Edsa - The Block

(c) Rizza Salas x Cafe Shibuya

Strawberry Matcha Toast
Loved their green tea ice cream!

(c) Rizza Salas x Cafe Shibuya


March 7, 2014
Cafe Shibuya, UP Town Center

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