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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis One Epic Concert Party

          The four time Grammy winner, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in a One Epic Concert Party! Manila, Welcome to the Heist!

"BEST. SHOW. OF THE FCUKING TOUR!Macklemore, 2014  

By far the craziest concert I've been to. Ben Haggerty IS MAD CRAZY - that even the ceiling can't hold him neither can the mosh pit! Hahaha (Read more)

"Macklemore shared his usual talks with rapper Snoop Dog, asking him, “'Which crowd was the f***ing craziest?'”
“I never know what to say,” Macklemore said.
He explained, “Because there are so many shows and they are all so good and the people are all so nice.
"So I said, ‘You know, Snoop, I can’t pick one. They are all different and unique and special.’
"And Snoop Dog would go, ‘Man, shut the f*** up!’ and would say, ‘I will ask you again, I said out of every single show and every single city that you visit on your tour, which crowd is the craziest?’"
Macklemore then proudly told the Manila concert crowd he already has an answer to his friend’s question.
“Now when he asks me this question I would be able to look at Snoop Doggy Dog in the face and I wanna be able to honestly say that the people in Manila, Philippines, are the craziest!!!”" (www.pep.ph)

"Manila -- you were absolutely phenomenal last night! Amazing to connect with you. We will be back as much as we possibly can. Love." Ryan Lewis, 2014

To conclude the night, he then again performed Can't Hold Us, as expected (ehem, Manila concert crowd) EVERYONE WAS RAVING -- this time, WILDER! We even saw one Grandpa danced, and fist pumped in the air! Haha Too cute! 

10,000 Hours
Crew Cuts
Life is Cinema
Thrift Shop
Other Side
Starting Over
Same Love
Cant Hold Us
White Walls
And We Danced
Irish Celebration
Cant Hold Us

Here are some of my M&RL concert photos. ENJOY! Btw, I also uploaded some videos on my youtube - crazzycreppz. :)

March 16, 2014
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 2014 Manila Concert
SM Mall of Asia MOA - Arena

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